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A fictional Spiritual conversation

A chapter in the book Heart Crafted Poems - 2022

Losing Patience

by JLR

God sat with his closest companions, Michael and Gabriel watching news clips on the cosmic television with the earth on the cusp of world war.

God says, "Guys, in my omnipresent views on mankind, I see that my omnipotent gift of Free Will has backfired."

Gabriel said, "God, your omniscient ways have lasted for eons."

Michael said, "God, in your wildest dreams, you would never have thought it possible that nation upon nation would repeatedly be in conflict and still this greedy.

Even saying, God, in their benediction every week causes firestorms down there.

God said, "I am giving them two more weeks to end this, or I am sending Noah back down, and they will know I am God!

6 Sentence Spiritual Fiction writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
(A) Write a 6 Sentence 120 Word Spiritual Fiction using the following 12 words:
1. Benediction,
2. Countries,
3. Dream,
4. God (use the word God 7 times in your fiction),
5. Mankind,
6. News,
7. Omnipotent,
8. Omnipresent,
9. Omniscient,
10. Television,
11. War,
12. World,

(B) Write no negative, no exclamatory and no interrogative sentences in your 6 Sentence 120 Word Spiritual Fiction

(C) Write no name of religions in your 6 Sentence 120 Word Spiritual Fiction

(D) Write no words quoting and referring from any religious books, religious scriptures, religious philosophies, and religious doctrines in your 6 Sentence 120 Word Spiritual Fiction

(E) Write not, avoid writing the following 9 words in your 6 Sentence 120 Word Spiritual Fiction:
i) Belorussia,
ii) Destruction,
iii) Heaven,
iv) Lord,
v) Magic,
vi) Miracle,
vii) Russia,
viii) Salvation,
ix) Ukraine,


120 words - six sentences
must use the following words: God 7 x, benediction, countries, dream, mankind, news, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, television, war world.

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