Horror and Thriller Fiction posted June 20, 2022

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A man wants to kill his wife. Why?

Who's still alive

by Goodadvicechan

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

"I told you not to take the roller roaster today," said Susan.

George said nothing.

"This thing already stopped for more than half an hour. George, say something, please."

George remained silent.

Susan lost her patience, "You drive me crazy."

George split his hands open, his head looking at the sky and said nothing.

Susan banged the window. She kept on banging harder and harder till her hands got bruised.

George saw the blood. "Stop doing that."

"Finally, you opened your mouth." Susan continued banging the window.

George grabbed hold of her hands. "You can't break this window but I can. I have a hammer."

"Why did you bring a hammer here?"

"I want to open the window for you to jump out."

Susan rebuffed, "What have I done wrong that you wanted me dead?"

"I know what's going on between you and Ricky?"

Susan pulled her hands off George. "Where's Ricky? I haven't seen him for a week."

"I used your kitchen knife to kill him. The knife has your finger prints. I forced Ricky to write a letter to blackmail you. The letter is now in your wardrobe. These are enough evidence to put you in jail." George grabbed Susan's neck, laughing loud.

Susan pushed George away, tears running down her face. She struggled to grab the hammer, hitting hard on George's head. Blood flew from his head onto the floor.

Susan cried loudly at George, "You can't blame me because you are impotent."

The roller coaster started to move again.

This is a club entry. "Two strangers are caught at the top of a broken roller coaster. What happens?

Times Square one time had Ferris wheel that had windows. (Search Times Square Wheel) In Japan, the wheels aren't standard. You will find them air-conditioned, glass widows etc.

Although it is a fiction but anger can kill people.

I enjoy writing flash fiction because it is short but yet a big challenge to come up with a surprised ending.

Club entry for the "The Ferris Wheel" event in "Flash Fiction and Short Shorts".  Locate a writing club.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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