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What I might write to God

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Letter to God

by JLR

Dear God,

I am completely confused with the day-to-day happenings in my world and with people at large. I feel just a tad bit foolish to point out the heartbreaking activities of my fellow earth-bound journeyers that you know all too well are taking place that are rocking me to my core.

But God as my witness, I feel compelled to engage you with this letter outlining my various concerns. Great anticipation is driving my desire that you would return a reply out of your benevolent love for me as I claim that I am a child of God who is desperate for your intervention.

Please forgive me if I seem too casual in my addressing you in the form of this letter. My faith cup is running half full as I fear my prayers are simply not reaching you or even, in the worst case, I am not hearing your whispering in my ear while I sleep.

So, God, for me, it seems that the seven deadly sins, or what You may call the cardinal sins spoken of, are being largely ignored. Father, although these sins, while not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, they are parallels with the seven things You said to hate in the Book of Proverbs.

What do you have to say about this? Should little old me be concerned and pray about these? Should I just bury my head, pretending not to care?

Every day our earthly news is rife with stories about pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth.

News is full of stories of pridefulness. Actors, professional athletes, and scores of just average Joes have excessively high opinions of themselves.

Greed runs rampant on Wall Street, in banking, and across the vast expanse of corporations and the body politic.

Wrathfulness is in a hyper-state with a segment of people full of fear. Some people seem to present intense anger at anything or anyone who may not agree 100% with their wants, needs, creeds, or missions.

The envious souls we read about rant and rave, often with acts of violence toward the innocent and the aged. This toxic combination of anxiety-based insecurity, anger, and an obsession with comparing oneself to others seems to command the most news-consuming hours steering the most attention to what quite negative behavior this represents.

Alarming is the lustful behavior that seems to be happening in excess that spills into too many homes. It is not only the carnal garbage heap of pornographic material that must be blocked on every computer. But those trying to succeed excessively are more negatively impactful to everyone's household. I am writing about that drive turned into an intense longing, a craving, a lust to succeed at all costs, including sacrificing family, health, and spiritual practices.

While masses of homeless sleep on cardboard mattresses and dumpster dive for their next meal, worldwide, there are those so rich, so disconnected from the needs of others. At the same time, they consume in excess in eating or drinking and act impulsively as essentially greedy fools feeding every indulgence.

Then in closing, God, I am in utter shock about Americans who seem to have given in to the system that the Federal government will take care of their every need. I feel a growing pathos has darkened the shining light on the hill with an increasing populace's reluctance to work or try to contribute. Something my Pa called laziness.

Okay, there you have it! Will I put this letter in a stamped envelope and send it off to you? Well, God, I would need you to tell me where.

I certainly hope you can find the time to drop me a line or two to set my mind at ease. Just a simple " I got this" would settle my feelings of uncertainty and alarm.

Faithfully yours, I am ...

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