General Fiction posted June 22, 2022

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An unexpected happy event

by Mary Vigasin

"Great News, we are expecting!"

This is the celebratory e-mail I received from my niece announcing that she and her husband are expecting a bundle of joy.

Usually, I would have answered with a congratulatory reply; however, I did not respond immediately because my first question was "how?"

Don't get me wrong. I certainly know how it happens, but I was trying to remember just how old my niece is. She is somewhere in her 40s. Scrolling by landmarks such as the age she got married and when I babysat her, I fiqured her age was somewhere around 45 to 47 years old.

With medical science today, did she get a little help?

I do not check my e-mail every day, so a few days later, I opened my e-mail again and found my sister announcing that my niece had a 9lb baby boy!
Maybe they deliberately delayed announcing the pregnancy due to my niece's age and wanted to wait until she was at full term to send out the announcement?

Remember hearing the advice always read the fine print? I have no problem doing this; it is the bold print that I often overlook or misread. There have been times when I have bought items because I misread labels. I have often reached out too quickly to buy something and ended up with the wrong size or product. I have a 54DD bra size I never returned; maybe I can sling it across my shoulder to carry potatoes up from the cellar.

I still wonder if the return desk clerk, Rosey, who I have got to know over the years, put up a closed sign when she saw me entering the store.

After three years, I still had six cans of cream of corn when I wanted canned corn niblets.

It was receiving e-mails from dead people that I took a better look at my e-mail trail and the dates. My English pen pal and my in-laws have been gone for some years, yet here was my mother-in-law was sending me a get-well message. My dear friend Gordon was complaining about the chill in his London air.

Somehow, my old e-mails were on top, dating back to 2004, and I never noticed it. Not being too computer savvy, it took me a few days to find out how to reverse to put the latest date on top.

My niece's bouncy baby boy is now 18 and 6ft 2 and will start college in the fall.

I did write my niece and tell her what happened. She assured me that she was not pregnant.

The baby clothes will be returned to Rosey's store tomorrow.



This is fiction based loosely on my receiving the old e-mails. I did recognize the problem immediately, but I did have some fun writing to my niece telling her of her "pregnancy." I did add and did somewhat exaggerate my bad habit of misreading or overlooking labels and information.
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