General Poetry posted June 23, 2022

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Why Did This War Happen?

The Wall

by Debi Pick Marquette

Make a statement Contest Winner 
You'll find the names you're looking for, while looking at the Wall
You sketch the names of loved ones lost, while memories recall
Why did this war happen and God, why did you allow?

While these memories take me back, to that senseless war
When hearing of a boyfriend's death and there were many more
Why did this war happen; what was it really for?

These boys did not volunteer, the draft forced them to go
It didn't have a purpose; with no value did it show
Why did this war happen and will we ever know?

Protesters treated them, like they were less than dirt
Those who lived came back to this; the others dead or hurt
Why did they diminish, what these heroes lives were worth?

So when I see "The Wall" in Washington DC
I see the politicians, who destroyed these families
Why did this war happen? It was not to keep us free!

I know that it is wrong, the anger is no longer stored
But greed and what it stood for, was what I so deplored
Why did this war happen? It's yours to judge that Lord

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Write a poem with 3 lines in every stanza. The 3rd line should be almost the same in each stanza, except with a few different words to make it Rhyme with ending of other two words at the end of each line. Each stanza should have a different rhyme at end of line

No more than 24 lines or 8 stanzas

Why do people run around and soon run out of time?
They don't accomplish anything, so it should be a crime
They maybe would do better without tequila and the lime

Some just keep on looking for something to do
They always have a lot to say, but never have a clue
They maybe would do better if they went back to school

Make a statement
Contest Winner



This was a review that I received and I felt it to be so touching and such a brave thing for her to admit to me. As much as I know many women who said this same thing, it hit me today that as much as we know how hard it is on the man, how many think about what it does to marriage, the wife and children so often? I thank this friend for permission to use in my author's notes.

For your review on The Wall
My husband was drafted in that era. A war they called a conflict. He came back a different man. From the time he came home until his death, he was different. It was hard staying married to him. However, I knew the good part of him was deep within. Thank you for the awareness. 25-Jun-2022
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