General Non-Fiction posted August 14, 2022

This work has reached the exceptional level
FS members who have had a definite effect on me

Who Am I - Identities Exposed


Each verse below
belongs to one
and no one else but them
If you can guess
Them all you win
the best in acumen


DEBI PICK MARQUETTE - Her heart is always open, and she welcomes yours.
Her heart is open wide with love

She’s ready for your tale
She prides her love for all her friends
And talks until she's pale

CHARITY - A crying soul. Definitely worth the read.
Faith and hope are all she lacks

Her life has done her wrong
But she resists and bounces back
And raps a fearful song

LOVENPEACE - A lovely woman. Her Fanstorian name says it all.

She’s given up her life on earth
She thinks she’s done it all
But I remind her every day
Without her we would fall

WAYNE FOWLER - A real story teller. And a historian for all ages
He chases rocks and scratches dirt
I’m sure he’s fired up
About the next big thing that may
Get poured into his cup

KARENINA - She responded to a caustic review and since has shown me the ropes.
She welcomes you with open arms
No matter how you rate
She knows you're only helping her
Get past the starting gate

TERRY BROXSON - The "Interviewer," the "Kingmaker." But he writes just as good.
He questions you In deep pursuit
Of answers oh so few
He only wants the truth behind
Your last six-star review

LANCELLOT - Phenomenal back story on Chicago and that city's problems. Gripping tale.

He has a lot of colored thoughts
They linger on his mind
He wants equality for all
Black, white and all mankind

SUSAN NEWELL - She finds the errors in the "eagle-eye's" writing. Thus, Hawkeye!
I’m told I have an eagle’s eye
But there is yet another
One I now call miss Hawkeye
I must have been her brother

ROY OWEN - Always relying on the Bible and our Lord and Savior to justify his words.
You can always trust and depend
On his devotion's word
He loves the Lord though late in life
His aim is ne’er deterred

TEMPESTE - Strong woman who wants to be known as a woman and a man as a man!
The woke should go back to sleep
Is the cry of this young lady
One man, one woman is all there is
The rest is cockamamie

There you have it
I wish you luck
In guessing who is who
As for me
I'm sitting back
Awaiting number two

Surprise Poem FS Friends writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
The topic for this poetry contest is: ENTER TOPIC.

Write a poem that somehow incorporates the topic. The poem does not have to be specifically about the topic and creative approaches are welcomed. But contest voters will be asked to consider the topic when making a choice for a winner.



There are ten FS members hidden within these verses. These plus oh so many others, have had a deep impact on my writing and my enthusiasm for FS. Some are so well known you all should be able to see them immediately. Others, not so much, but they have all contributed to my growth.

Go ahead take a stab, see how close you can come.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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