- Writing - My Legacyby JLR
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Why I write
Heart Crafted Poems - 2022
: Writing - My Legacy by JLR
Why I Write writing prompt entry
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Alas, as I sit this morn with a cup of joe
I long to remember those times I wasn't so slow,
as I pause to reflect upon my life's ebbs and flow,
the ups and downs and the sudden throes of woe.

So, I pick up a journal my quill, and some ink
letting words bubble and stew, when within a blink
a line or two appear on the page quite out of sync,
with a lot of effort, I rewrite to smooth out the kink.

With my page full, I lip-sync my lines of words
and find I have written about some spring birds.
each thought, every line describing the bluebirds,
smiling about the crossed-out line about mouse-turds.

That kink that my peers on Fan Story would surely quiver
written out so the more succinct a poem I could deliver.

Honestly, I write to leave a legacy for my children,
and their children to share and read - Nicht daran,
those throes of woe, but about all the bluebirds
bird songs I shared with them in just a few words.


Writing Prompt
Write a short essay explaining why you write. Up to 500 words
Poems welcome too

Author Notes
Why I write in poetic rhythm

Cup of Joe - Coffee
Nicht daran - not about


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