How would you know it's Jesus?

This is a contest we need to pay attention to because this day will come. How will you recognize Jesus? Will He have a glow? Will He be white or black or red or yellow etc. How will He act? Will He convince you with words or will He have to prove it?
Keep it under 450 words and if possible, no fiction.
Make it informative, make us believe.

The contest winner will win half of the prize pool which is based on the number of entries. The second and third place winners will each share the remaining prize pool. The prize pool is currently 68.00 member dollars. There are only 1 spots still open. If all open spots are used the prize pool will be 72.00 member dollars. In this contest at least 2 submissions must be made for the vote to begin.

Deadline: Contest is closed. Deadline was Saturday, July 1, 2023.

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