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Congratulations goes out to Faith Williams. The Contest Committee is pleased to announce that Song of the Sea has won the Minute Poetry Contest. In second place finished From Childhood to Childhood by lyenochka and The Clown by Natureschild. In third place finished Time moves along by RJ Heritage and The Storms of April by BethShelby and Heavy The Head by hullabaloo22
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Nonet Poetry

Write a nonet poem. It's a simple format. A nonet has nine lines. The first line has nine syllables, the second line eight syllables, the third line seven syllables, etc... until line nine that finishes with just one syllable. It can be on any subject and rhyming is optional. This contest is for members that have not had a first place finish in thirty days.


our success stories say it best:
  • Finding this site three years ago was a blessing to me. I am becoming the writer I wanted to be because of what I've learned at FanStory. I have had stories published (the publishers came to me), won the state contest last year in the short story category, and have been asked to speak at writers groups. Three years ago I couldn't write a grocery list. –Marti Hurst

  • Without the wonderful writers and reviewers on Fanstory, the publication of my book "She laughs with demons," would still be just a dream. I was given help with grammar, encourgament and gentle critiques. They were all given to help me improve my work. Everyone on FanStory helped me grow as a writer. I will forever grateful .–Shirley Bracken aka Shirley B

  • I'm writing to share how grateful I am for the opportunity to be a member of the FanStory community. I have only been here a short time and I have met many writers who are supportive, friendly, encouraging and very willing to impart their knowledge. I have brought with me previous writing, and without the opportunity for it to be reviewed, I had no clue how effective it was. Now I can grow and contribute, knowing the encouraging reviews have instilled confidence. I am elated to have my entry be nominated for Poem of the Month. This has, as they say, blown me away. I feel as though I have come home to a place where my writing can be developed and nurtured, with the best outcome being the content will appeal and resonate to readers. I have far to travel and I look forward to a wonderful journey. Diane Merchant

  • FanStory sponsored a contest to write a novel in two months. I completed it February 29 of this year. Last night I signed a contract with a publisher. Thanks so much to the people who read "Melinda Heads West" and helped me by reviewing and sending tips my way. I'm over the moon! I've said this before, I'm saying it again.... I LOVE FANSTORY! Thanks for all you do! –Robyn Corum

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Grammar Mistakes
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Annoying buzzers on my screens
June Bugs
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About a friend of FanStory.
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Changed Man?
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They'll Learn It Some Time--Some Way
That Talk
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NaPoWriMo24-#16-I Love My Man
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to think about

Top Ten Short Story

#1  Wendy G
#2  lyenochka
#3  jim vecchio
#4  jessizero
#5  jmdg1954
#6  judiverse
#7  Pam Lonsdale
#8  Dawn Munro
#9  Terry Broxson
#10  Mrs. KT

Top Ten Script Writers

#1  judiverse
#2  lancellot
#3  Navada
#4  Bill Schott
#5  Brett Matthew West
#6  MCLII1987
#7  Iza Deleanu

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Tiny seeds
A poem
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Willing Hearts Chapter 9
Noah wants to leave the safe house.
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