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Picture This
New event announced 2 days ago. Hello Fellow Poets, All poetry forms of four lines or more are accepted. If the picture selected does not load please click and save and attach it as normal. Club Organizer is Pearl Edwards.

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New event announced 2 days ago. The club is for writers and poets who are looking for ways to find inspiration to enrich your writing life and provide you with creative ideas for your next poem or short story. Each week I will provide writing prompts to get your inner muse going. Club Organizer is Gypsy Blue Rose.

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Last event announced June 15, 2024. Join us if you want to learn how to write Japanese Poetry or share what you know. We have a new challenge every Saturday. We will learn to write Tanka, Senryu, Sedoka, Katauta, Haibun, etc. ****** If you have ANY questions, please send a message to me, Gypsy Blue Rose. Club Organizer is Gypsy Blue Rose.

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Last event announced June 15, 2024. Join us if you want to learn how to write haiku, share what you know, or just for fun. Topic challenges will be: Haiku form, Haiku seasons (kigo), Haiku juxtaposition line (satori), Haiku focus on five senses, classic haiku vs contemporary haiku, etc.. We will have a new challenge every week. Please, contact Gypsy Blue Rose if you need information about the club or help with your challenge. Club Organizer is Gypsy Blue Rose.

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Put Pen To Paper Potlatch Poetry Club
Last event announced June 15, 2024.

so. . . the word "potlatch" is a native american word meaning: present, gift, or give ~
hence, i will present to you the gift of a poetic form to learn, study, and write ~
in return, you will gift the FanStory community a new poem to read ~
in return, they will give to you a review and pretty red stars ~
. . .and around we go. . . yada...yada...yada. . .

*on the weekends, i will post a new event for the following week with a poetry form, its rules, and an example poem.

let's put pen to paper and present some new poetry 🙂📝👍

Club Organizer is shelley kaye.

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Flash Fiction/Nonfiction
Last event announced June 9, 2024. Using bizarre stories from the news or from nature to inspire brief entertaining stories. Club Organizer is lyenochka.

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God in Your Life
Last event announced May 17, 2024. Please join if you enjoy talking or writing about the Lord, our God. We can write about what God has done for us, what meditation you use to lift your spirit, how God has touched you by using another person. Many different ways to write about God in your life. Open for suggestions for topics to use. Club Organizer is Teri7.

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Animal Crackers
Last event announced May 8, 2024. Share your stories and poems about your pets or other animals. No challenges. No deadlines. Simply a place for animals lovers to share their experiences. This is not just for pets, but any animal. Organized by damommy. Club Organizer is damommy.

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Tips 'R Us
Last event announced March 8, 2024. This club exists for prose writers to exchange tips, insights, and techniques to better their storywriting. The tips presented are not intended to claim to be the only way to write something. We all know there is a myriad of ways to do so. Because the club is designed to be interactive all club members are encouraged to provide useful knowledge for the betterment of all club members. Club Organizer is Brett Matthew West.

Want to host a club? Contact us with the details of what you would like to do with a club.