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A discussion causes discomfort

A chapter in the book Beth

Beth, Scene 1

by Fleedleflump

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I never thought somebody would know me this well. You’re a guiding light, my own personal fucking bible. You’re my smack, Daddy, and babygirl needs an injection.
FADE IN - INTERNAL - OFFICE with book cases - BETH reclines on a chaise lounge, one arm swept up against the wall behind, the other resting, fingers slightly splayed, on one thigh while the other leg dangles downward out of shot. She’s in a simple white t-shirt and stretch jeans, a contrast to the rich claret of the velvet soft furnishings. Light emanates from tiny windows high on one wall. About ten feet away, a suited man perches in a leather office chair, one leg crooked across the other, fingers steepled beneath a salt-and-pepper goatee.
I’ve never been called any of those things before. I’ll admit, I like the sense of power, but deifying me is a little beyond the pale.
BETH (looking him in the eye)
You want me, Jesus? (She flexes the fingers on her thigh and lets her tongue slip between her teeth.) Fuck me, Daddy.
DENNIS (blinks)
Have you done this in the past - used sex to elicit a response?
BETH (frowns)
Sex always (imitates a droning voice) ‘elicits a response.’
I’m intrigued by this confrontational side of you. Did you decide to talk to me this way earlier, or are you reacting to the situation?
BETH (lets the raised arm drop and twists, sitting up)
Is it working - are you seeing me differently?
Of course - you’ve altered the dynamic, but I am wondering what you hope to achieve.
Maybe that’s all it is.
Something new?
Something fun.
Well, I’m happy to see the change. I feel like this is progress. You’re showing me something you know is provocative, and you seem comfortable doing it. There’s something to uncover here, I think. Something deep - a driver, perhaps, that we can unlock.
BETH (snorts and shrugs)
You talk like a fucking text book. Which I guess makes sense, since we’re in a wannabe library. (She sweeps her arm around the room.) I’m not in those books though, am I? Most of them are older than me, and I’m right here, sitting in front of you. I’m not a case study.
DENNIS (smiles)
Well, that remains to be seen. We’ve known each other a while, now, and I think we’re only just getting a feel for our relationship. What is it you want, Beth?
A good job, great friends, a loving partner, kids, house, and a whopping great party at my funeral. How’s that?
That is what you’re supposed to want, indeed. But people don’t really work that way, do they? Most of us want something we know we shouldn’t, or reject something that’s good for us. (He leans forward, looking at her intently.) Pretend I really am Jesus. Make a wish. Look into your heart and tell me what you seek.
Silence rules for a few moments and tension mounts in the air. Just as DENNIS looks ready to speak again, BETH gasps.
BETH (pouting sarcastically)
Daddy, I want a pony!
DENNIS (deflates visibly)
Only good girls get to have ponies.
Well, if I can’t have a pony, but if I’m a good girl, Daddy, might I know your name?
DENNIS (stands)
That’s not how this works, Beth. This (he points at each of them repeatedly) is not a quid pro quo kind of thing.
BETH (bats her eyelashes)
But if I’m a really good girl?
DENNIS walks to the door and opens it to leave. Via camera movement, we are shown the ground for the first time, and see one of BETH’s ankles is clasped in a manacle, attached to a chain. DENNIS turns back to look at her from the doorway.
Well, if you’re a really good girl, I might even let you leave.




UK English, Screenplay.

This is one of two or three scripts I'd like to develop further. I'll post the first scenes of each, and choose one based on your responses.

I hope you enjoyed the read :-)

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