General Poetry posted December 6, 2022

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Freedom from struggles, racism and cruelty of this world.

Set me Free

by Charity Stewart

Invisible shackles and handcuffs.

Set me free because I had enough.

Persecution of my life has become too tough.

Security and trust feels like a bluff.

I'm desperately tired of going through heavy stuff.

Rare life's favors I slowly puff.

Set me free from demonic captivity.

Give me death if I can't have liberty.

Lately I been counting all my blessings.

My horrible life's circumstances keeps me second guessing.

Taking advantage of women to feel powerful is not a question.

If we take advantage of them, maybe then they will finally learn their lesson.

My sinful chains are longer than Jacob Marley.

Freedom evaporates on my tongue. can't taste it hardly.

Many days I feel like a dog on a leash.

Culture full of broken English changed my speech.

Visions of freedom seems unreal.

Hoping all my internal damage will finally start to peel.

Paralyze my hurt so I can no longer feel.

Tied down to this cruel world, but I will never kneel.

Setting aside my pride to boost my integrity.

Forever humble so I can never be a celebrity.

Shaking loose of these chains until I have no strength left.

If you can set me free, please be my guest.

Seeking freedom, I'm willing to invest.

Unfavorable odds, I have no choice but to suppress.

Carrying heavy loads leaving me beyond stressed.

Traveling through hell to be free from this slave's quest.

Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.

Freedom bells, I'm slowly starting to hear it.

I will no longer be a prisoner in this universe.

Breaking free from this generational curse.

God almighty set me free!!

If freedom never comes, heaven is where I rather be.


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