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Prisha guides them to some amazing revelations.

A chapter in the book The Walkers

A Planning Session

by papa55mike

Gabriel Hope leads a formidable team of Angels and Walkers through the Spiritual Realm on a dangerous mission to India.
End of Chapter~16
The dealer drags Prisha out the door within forty-five seconds, barely dressed. "See, I have brought as you commanded. You may have this filthy beast. She has been nothing but trouble." He raises his hand to strike her, but Michael catches his hand and then picks him up to eye level, saying, "She no longer belongs to you," then suddenly drops him.
Gabe hears a stir behind the windows that line the square; he steps forward and says, "Lead us out, Michael. I've got the rear." Gabe helps the man up and dusts him off with a smile, saying, "Thank you." The dealer nods a yes.
Prisha is humbly kneeling before Cal and Cris. Cal reaches down and takes her hand, saying, "Come with us." Prisha slowly rises.
Michael leads the way with Prisha between Cal and Cris. Gabe backs out of the square with his senses on full alert. Suddenly, there's movement in every curtained window. He smiles, saying, "Found you."
Gabe slowly turns once they make it through the doors to the street. His focus changes to the road, and there, mingled among the dealers, are four armed men carrying AKM assault rifles. He glances behind him toward the doors, where two other guards are holding T91s. Gabe whispers, "These boys don't play. Where were they yesterday?"
Gabe's friends, the ones willing to tell him anything, have a different look on their faces, with Prisha in the middle of Cal and Cris. "It seems we've dropped in their opinions." All eyes are on them as they make their way back to camp.
The two men who greeted them inside step out when Gabe rounds the corner- they smile at each other and go to report to the Master.
A few minutes later, the guards, still in human form, stand before the Master of evil in his office, saying, "We have seen four people who resemble the descriptions you sent us. Two large men with a young man and woman claimed to want slaves for their home, and they bought a young woman and then left with her."
Satan rises from his chair in deep thought, saying, "That's the seventh report of the same thing happening along the Himalayas. Why would Supaul mean anything to them? We have more extensive facilities elsewhere. Return to your stations, slaves." They both bow and then quickly leave.
Michael leads the Warriors into their secluded hideaway, saying, "I'm not sure that was a wise thing to do."
"It did bring us out into the open," Gabe replies. "But I saw many things we would've missed."
"Like what, Gabe?" Cris asks.
"First, all the movement behind those curtains on the second floor when Michael dropped that man. Second, the four guards carrying assault rifles mixed in with the shopkeepers outside. Third, the extra two guards lurking by the doors to the square. There's your firepower."
"Did you see the four old machine guns on the roof?" Cal asks. "But only two had shooters."
"I was studying the structures for any weaknesses and now have the complete layout in my mind," Cris adds.
"Well," Gabe chuckles, "It seems we have enough to put together a plan with the Lord's help."
Cal turns to Prisha, who humbly awaits her orders. She's having a difficult time wrapping her Sari around her body. "Do we have any clothes for her, Michael?"
"I think you will find some in your backpack, Cal."
"As always." Cal asks, "That reminds me, where are you getting all this money?"
"Do I have to answer, Cal?"
"No," Cal smiles, "The Lord provides." She walks into the lean-to and opens her backpack.
Michael rises and walks toward Prisha with a smile, saying something in Tibeto Berman. Prisha smiles a little, and then Michael places his hand on her head. Time pauses for a moment. He removes his hand and asks Prisha, "Do you understand me, child?"
Prisha's eyes glow, and her lip quivers a little, answering, "Yes, but how?"
"Because my Father in heaven is an extraordinary God."
Cal walks over, asking, "What's your name?"
She slowly answers, "Prisha."
"Come with me, Prisha, so we can get you cleaned up and into more comfortable clothes."
"Yes, Master," Prisha humbly bows.
"No, Prisha, you are free. No one owns you now," Cal smiles. "I'll explain by the river." Prisha rises, and they meander toward the river.
Cris pulls some copy paper and pencil out of his backpack and begins to sketch out the complex while Gabe and Michael gather around. The men start to talk about the layout.
Prisha dries herself and then slides on the shorts and teeshirt. She stares at the Nike's, wondering how to put them on. Prisha has never worn socks or shoes in her life.
"Let me help you, Prisha," Cal explains how they go on and ties them for her. "You are a lovely young woman."
"So have I been told, but I hate my beauty. How am I free?" Prisha's speech is still a little slow.
"We came to set you and the others free. Michael paid that evil man, and you will never have to bow to anyone again. I saw the scratches and bruises on your body. Who put them on you?"
"The dealer you bought me from and many other men who forced me to do evil things. I fought them, but it did not matter."
"That's why we're here, Prisha. To punish those men for their crimes, free the others, and destroy this place."
"I will help," Prisha wipes her eyes, "In any way I can."
"Thank you, we'll need it."
"Where are you from?"
"I'm from California, in the United States."
"Are girls like me free there?"
"Yes, Prisha, and deeply loved."
"I was born in the wrong country. Do the girls have beds to sleep in?"
"Almost all of them. You will sleep in a bed soon. One thing you will have to do, Prisha, is let go of the past. Your future is now full of hope."
Prisha's dark brown eyes find Cal's, saying, "I believe you, C..."
"Cal Cummings is my name, but you can call me Cal."
"That's great, Prisha. Come on, let's go see what the guys are doing."
While they are walking toward them, Cris exclaims, "That covers all of the bases, but how can we walk in there unnoticed? We need an element of surprise to pull this off."
Cal interjects while walking up to the table, "Since we can't just walk in there during the day, why can't we get in there at night?"
Cris answers, "That's a great idea, but where would we hide."
"I have been there for months," Prisha adds, "And know every place to hide in there."
"Tell us more, child," Michael exclaims.
"Her name is Prisha, Michael, and I told you we needed her."
Prisha studies the drawing, saying, "There are several storage rooms along this back wall which they never visit unless they are looking for me. But do not go in here." She points to the last in the corner. "The evil Master and his friends come and go through there."
Cal asks, "Is he tall, slender, and very handsome?"
"Yes, but it is not his true self."
The four Warriors smile at each other, and Gabe says, "There's a portal there, and I wonder where it leads."
Prisha says, "It leads to a place of beauty but is pure evil."
"The Breeding facility," Cris adds. "How many girls are there, Prisha?"
"Many," Prisha frowns, "Once they finish with us, they send us back to the block."
Cal asks, "Is that how they brought you back to the block?"
"Yes, there was a door, and a black cloud was in the room. We went through and ended at the block. Have I helped, Cal?"
"Oh, yes, Prisha," Cal answers with a big smile. "In many ways."

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The Cast of Characters.

The twelve-year-old girl who her father sold to the Dealer in the prologue.

The Angelic Warriors

Gabriel Hope
At six feet six inches tall and 295 pounds, Gabe is a 20-year veteran of the Army Rangers, and he's been walking for the Lord for 23 years.

The Arch Angel of Heaven, Prince of God, Commander of the Lord's Armies. His massive size varies depending on the situation. Michael has been friends with Gabe for many years after recruiting him for battles in the Spirit Realm.

Cal Cummings
At six feet two inches tall and 200 pounds, Cal graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Master's degree in Theology. She also starred in Volleyball and is an Olympic Champion Archer. Five years ago, she was working in the mission fields of Africa when bandits killed her Mother and Father in a brutal attack, and Cal barely escaped.

Cris Turner
At six feet tall and 200 pounds, Cris has a Master's degree in Criminal Science and Theology from North Carolina University. He is also an excellent shot with his Colt 45 model #1911. Three years ago, he started walking for the Lord when his wife and son were killed in a plane crash, but Cris missed the flight.

The Enemy

Lucifer, Satan, or the Evil One
He is the Supreme Commander of all the demon armies and ruler of the dark side of the Spirit Realm.

2nd in command under Lucifer, all of the other generals report to him. He uses pride to tempt others.

Commander of the North American army of demons, he tempts others with burning desire.

Commander of the Western Asian army of demons, and he tempts others with heresy.

The slow-marching skeletal soldiers in Satan's armies - Legions vary in size from five to seven feet tall. They are known for their ability to leap upon their prey and are mighty in battle.

They are much smaller than the Legions but quick soldiers that hunt in packs. They cling to the dried-up riverbeds, oceans, lakes, and streams, and Familiars carry short swords and slingshots.

Cambions are one to two-foot-tall demons with oversized reproductive organs. Cambions are created in the Spirit realm when a Succubus has intercourse with a male or female human while dreaming.

A Super demon that's created in the Spirit realm when Satan or one of his generals has sex with a young virgin girl in the earthly realm.

A demon that hides in the darker realms waiting for humans to sleep so they can invade their dreams to have intercourse with them. They can be either male or female.

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